Saturday, December 27, 2008,

gloog gurgle and gulp at 10:39:00 PM

it really is far too long since i last blogged.
didnt really bother.
didnt really care.
its like who give a shit about what im gonna post anyway.
the world still spins.
and im like god damn fucking emo right now.
as emo as an ostrich with one leg.

the tears fall
as she opens the door
walking down the hall
with the paintings on the wall
the spiders and lizards crawl

the tears fall
as she cuddles on the floor
looking up towards the wall
as the moor in the painting calls
the spiders and lizards crawl

the tears fall
as she stares blankly at it all
with waste piled up tall
seething with anger so raw
she starts rummaging to its core

the tears fall
as she searches like a boor
her fingers turning gore

the tears fall
as she lay sprawled on the floor
the spiders and lizards crawl


Sunday, June 22, 2008,

gloog gurgle and gulp at 2:54:00 AM


why are we waiting.......

and then the rice came


all mine!!!!

fonn's testicles; and she thought my fishhead was gross

as always.


this is Annie.
she's the one who bought me my Fuzzy.

celebrating Sabrina's bday today.

Friday, May 30, 2008,

gloog gurgle and gulp at 9:17:00 PM

i witnessed death today................literally

of a stray dog. yeah i know...nothing peculiar about a dead dog. but i saw it went like


in front of a lorry.

ran over FOUR freaking times by passer-vehicles.

i dragged it away from middle of the road to the side.
with the blood oozing out from the mouth and all.

the worst is i have to bear the knowledge of having petted it before today's accident.

its a super nice but newbie stray alright....

i was waiting for 169 back to yshun and Sam whose last day of work at Candid is tommorow, was waiting on the other side.
and he was wondering why i didnt board my bus when it arrived.

next thing we knew, we were dragging it.

if i were alone then, yes i would take a picture (but not without sorrow okay?...)
Sam's a really nice guy. too bad it's his last tommorow.

im going to check back the spot tommorow.

stupid lorry driver.
and silly dog. for standing in the middle of the road so often.

Sunday, May 04, 2008,

gloog gurgle and gulp at 7:04:00 PM

wishing i was out at clubs instead of cramming project work and getting the most of it done in mere few hours.

wishing BF would love sushi or food as much as i do so i dont have to constantly suppress my cravings to wait for the right moment and company without obligations.

wishing i didnt have to balance and priortise through school, work and fun.

wishing the world would remember me even as im having fun. seemingly only strict, boring, and routined achievers seem to be historised.

wishing everything would just fall into place and turn out fine without having to do anything.

wishing i could just do something differently without having to affect your PR and moods.

wishing everything done wont be impolitely jugdged and misunderstood.

but then you realise that all these are just plainly SELFISH.
how does one live out the selfish desires and not have the undesired ripple effect to everyone or thing around you?
where you wont lose your friends in the process, or have bad reviews.

and yet you cant please the whole world.
but what if it pleases no one too? not a single being.

can an extrovert personality be prisoned in an introvert's life?
like theres so much energy just about to burst out.
sense of relief
of freedom
of hope
of unspoken forgiveness

and yet crushed with loss.

im actually looking forward to the congress on Monday.
when i can finally get out of the routine and have chitchats with ppl i have never met.
plus buffet lunch!
what a punch.
food and people. <3s
plus half day at work. double <3s

and my spoilt phone! freak NOKIA on/off button. this is not my first encounter with the button issue.
it can go STRAIGHT IN if pushed too much.
shouldnt Nokia upgrade to a different kind of on/off mechanism?

and its N95! what a freaking waste.
sending it for repairs means i may lose all the data. such trouble.

and i want the compact Vaio laptop!
but its like some 3k.
too bad BF doesnt double as a sugardaddy.

Sunday, April 06, 2008,

gloog gurgle and gulp at 1:00:00 PM

no more mushrooms i hope

finally its done.
an update!!! whoots.

thought the green fungi background looks good.
since my blog ALWAYS rot once a while anyway so it should look good at the same time too.


-currently pursuing HRM at SHRI (you figure the initials out yourself)
-went to Sentosa to chill with the X-Hope girls
-meet up with Liza Banana for Fish & Co treat (yup! that means free food for me!)
-hanging out with BF deliciously everyday(well almost and as much as i possibly can)
& that BF thing going in there soon

overall, i feel really really good.

not because BF will now be mostly missing from my everyday life! (i WILL miss him. dont you challenge that thought...)

but because all that happens reflects a lot in moving on. i used to fear the unknown future.
now im relishing in the experience!

it makes me feel ALIVE.

cheers to that.

Thursday, January 24, 2008,

gloog gurgle and gulp at 3:10:00 PM

never good at relationships. clumsy at it even.

only a fool who desire nothing else but to make things right every time it starts to twist.

every time it happens, trying to set it right.

even if it means suppressing it all.
even if it not in character.
even if it was all just empty obedience for the mere sake of smoothness.
it was well worth.

a test of tolerance and deceit.

from it all ever rising.
from it all growing and learning.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008,

gloog gurgle and gulp at 7:56:00 PM

trot down memory lane

now this will be a very brief summary of what happened throughout the days of trying to spice up my boring working life.
now that the days of over 60 hours of work a week is over, let's recap:

12dec2007 -a very very personal complaint (for fun & laughter) :
>>To whom it may concern,
>> I patronised your restaurant at Ang Mo Kio with a friend on the 12th of
>> December at 5.45pm. The number of tables occupied at that time was around
>> 7, including ours. We ordered our food at 5.50pm, and our starter was
>> served to us at 6.15pm by an extremely impolite waitress by the name of
>> Sharon Toh. She hesistantly placed our dish on the table without asking
>> whose was it, and went off to chat merrily with her collegues. Our main
>> dishes arrived 15 minutes after the first course was served, and to our
>> dismay, it was below the standard that we were expecting. Given the time
>> we waited for the dishes, the quantity served was minimal, and the
>> quality was unsatisfactory. We ordered one Lobster Chicken Mushroom Pizza
>> with, at most, one piece of lobster meat in the entire pizza. The other
>> dish we ordered, Lamb Chop, was overly cooked and hence hard to chew on.
>> We did not pursue the matters at that point in time to the female manager
>> because we were rushing off to another destination after having waited
>> for almost 40 minutes for our food to arrive, and the manager seems
>> oblivious to our presence perhaps due to the many other senior patrons
>> around which make us seem unimportant. I hope this is not a case of age
>> discrimination as I believe Jacks Place practices equal high standard
>> services to all its patrons regardless of spending abilities.
>> To end off our first visit to Jacks Place, having made payment at the
>> cashier to the same waitress Sharon Toh, she rudely placed our change and
>> receipt on the table without any eye contact and instead seem distracted
>> talking to her collegues.
>> We hope to be repeat patrons of Jacks Place and as such I hope whomever
>> concerned will look into this matter and take the necessary actions.
>> Regards,
>> Exxx Txx

the guy obviously remembers me [and only me] well. im truly flattered. ^-^

for your info, they didnt really do anything about it ;)
and i didn't tender because of this by the way.

17dec2007 -celebrating Fon's 17th bday @ DXO

den Marina Square Yuki Dinner with Hamster & Fon:

and our fried ice creams again!!!

3 girls & 10 cups of ice cream

24dec2007 -EskiBar Night

ended up having supper at some very-expensive-not-value-for-money sidewalk restaurant
vincent was like 'alamak' for his pineapple rice
mine was a freaking $12 of Crab Meat Fruit Salad

Fred, Vin, Serene, Hamster, Fon & Moi

like toy soldiers


all in all, chinese new year is coming and that means lion dance all day long!! whoot!

i wont miss these from work